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Even a child of 4-5 years of age, can creat a blog with free blog site with interest to write something, click his computer mouse and typing words through keyboard. Your blog is ready to post and accessible to readers. This is a fantastic experience with my free blog sites.

Many friends of mine ask me why do I take interest to write blogs with free sites, where there is no privilege of control over the various aspects of blog writing. To some extent this is also true.

A blog writer cannot control every aspect in certain case in respect of free blog hosting sites. You cannot add contents as you like, nor you can put search engines as per your count for increasing the popularity of the blog. You cannot add or monetize your blog as per your choice because you are bound to go as per the agreed terms and conditions of the sites, as you are using their server.  

Through free blog sites you are also getting sound benefits. You are getting a fair looking blog without any investment virtually, no maintenance costs, no server charges and all necessary writing tools in one place.       { great::)) }

If you want to monetize your blog, own blog site will be ideal. All software run by blog writer, to place and remove ad, design setting, appearance of blog, robotic promotion of blog, copy right of blog, monetize of blog each and every aspects will be  control through, if you have own blog website. 



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