I am in the habit of writing blogs since over three years with the support of blog spot. All my blogs are technical concering Electrical Engineering and Instrumentation technology, covering home appliances also.

Professionally I am related to technical sphere, which inspires me to write such blogs. I reflect my experiences with day to day problems in home and instrumentation appliances and applications and my skills in rectification of such problems.

Regarding blog writing, it is an unique experience on my part of write about a free site domain, and own web site domain name of my own. My blog writing is based on earning through blogs. I believe that this a simple aspect which every new comer will be interested to go through.

Every person needs to be richer by earning extra, and I am no exception, to be frank. Indeed the ambition is just when it is not illegal. I am a businessman purchasing materials and sell them at a reasonable margin of profit, to the extent of 10 to 15%.

Some people feel that expecting monetary benefits through blogs is shameful. As correctly said, need is the mother of exploring into ways and means of earning. It should not be incorrect or unlawful, if carried out honestly.Such need arises for any one.

Suppose I am quite rich and well to do. I drink mineral water from package water bottles. Suppose I am amidst a desert and exhausted all my packaged water because of the unbearable heat and getting thirsty again and again. What I need at that moment is water… and the situation is hopeless. I feel as if God has come to my rescue when I find a small pond in the vicinity. I run to that place and impatiently drink whatever water available therein, be it muddy, or not clean unlike my packaged drinking water. In the other words, your act should be as per the situation warrants, for just survival.

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